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Allograft Tissue

Skin transplant tissue

  • SureDerm
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SureDerm®- Acellular Dermal Matrix
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Characteristics
  • Indications
  • Specifications and Use
Product Introduction

SureDerm®- Acellular Dermal Matrix

Product Overview

SureDerm® is a human dermis allograft with the cells of the epidermis and dermis removed, which can cause immune response in the skin, and then freeze-dried to maintain the 3-dimensional structure of the dermal layer. Therefore, SureDerm® can be used without causing immunological response, to attract fibroblasts in the dermis, promote nerve growth, angiogenesis and other structures needed for growth.

Product Composition

The acellular and de-epithelialized human dermis mainly consist of collagen, Elastin and proteoglycans. The structure of the basement membrane is maintained, for transplantation and integration.

Product Types

1.SureDerm  Graft SureDerm® Graft is a thin dermal matrix product for transplant in patients who have lost skin due to burns or trauma. 2.SureDerm  Implant SureDerm® Implant is a thickened dermal matrix for expansion of skin depression or restoration, and can be rolled up or folded for use.

Processing of SureDerm

Tissue Bank →  Allograft Skin →  Hans Blomed →  De-epldermal →  Acellular →  Lyophillzation → Preservation → Patient Appilcation

  • SureDerm® becomes a part of the natural tissue of the patient and is integrated to become healthy tissue.
  • Antigens which cause cellular immune response have been removed, so there are no rejection reactions (inflammation) with use.
  • There is no antigenic response so there is no need for skin testing
  • The product can be folded or rolled to a desired thickness for use.
  • The rate of reabsorption is very low compared to autograft/xenogfarfts.
  • The product has 15% elasticity so can be used on any part of the body.
  • The product maintains the three-dimensional structure of the skin, and is highly biocompatible. It contracts minimally, and has high elasticity and restructuring ability. A single surgery can be enough for all reconstruction
  • No blisters or cysts form after transplantation.
  • You will not feel any foreign body sensation after complete integration.
  • Strict pathological and hematological testing of tissue donors for safety
  • Each lot of product is produced from one donor
  • Only the tissues approved by the AATB, EATB, and KFDA are used
  • E-Beam Sterilization following final packaging
  • In Vivo (animal testing) and In Vitro (laboratory) Testing
  • No cases of viral infections have occurred so far

SureDerm Safety Test

  • HBsAgHepatitis B surface Antigen
  • HCVHepatitis C Virus
  • HTLVHuman T-cell Lymphotrophic Virus
  • HIV-1/2Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • HIV-1 AgHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
  • HIV by PCRHuman Immunodeficiency Virus by polymerase chain reaction
  • STSSerelogic test for Syphilis
  • HBcHepatitis B core
  • CMVCytomegalo Virus
Abdominal Wall Repair
              reast Reconstruction
              Carotid Overlay
              Depressed Scar
              Eyelid Spacer Graft
              Facial Defect
              Hiatal Hernia Repair
              Lip Reconstruction
              Mucosal Graft
              Nasaolabial Folds
              Oral Resurfacing
              Septal Perforation Repair 
              Small Soft-tissue Defect
              Temporary Wound Dressing
              Other Soft-tissue Defects
              Ophthalmology Sling
Specifications and Use

1.SureDerm Graft

10 Series (0.25 ~ 0.59mm)/ 20 Series (0.6 ~ 0.99mm), Basement Membrane present

  • Rehydration: Place in two packs of 50ml saline for 5 minutes each (total of 10 minutes) and use forceps to remove the backing paper on SureDerm®(the product can be soaked for up to 4 hours)
  • Clean the wound and control bleeding.
  • Place SureDerm® so that the Dermal Side touches the wound.
  • Use the Dermatome for think skin grafting of 0.008 inches or less, and fix on the recipient site using skin staplers or fixed dressings.(Take care that the tissues of SureDerm® do not overlap)
  • Dress the site. (Wet Gauze Dressing or Advanced Dressing)

※ How to identify the Dermal Side

The Backing Paper
The side opposite to the side with the backing paper is the dermal side that absorbs blood. Therefore, place the side opposite to the side with the backing paper on the wound for use.
Blood Test
Put a small amount of the patient’s blood on both sides of SureDerm ®. One side will become significantly more red.This is the dermal side which absorbs the blood.
Place the slit vertically at the right lower side or the left upper side or horizontally on the left lower side or right upper side and place on the wound for use.

2.SureDerm™ Implant

30 Series (1.0 ~ 1.39mm), 40 Series (1.40 ~ 1.79mm), 50 Series (1.80mm or above) Basement Membrane absent

  • 1.Rehydration: Take the SureDerm® out of its packaging and soak in saline for 10 minutes.
  • 2.After 10 minutes, use forceps to remove the backing paper on SureDerm®.
  • 3.Fold or roll the product for use. There is no top or bottom surface distinction.

1.SureDerm® Graft. 2. SureDerm® Implant

Car No. Thickness(mm) Size(Cm) Package
111000 10(0.18~0.39) Per request Meshed free size
121000 10(0.4~0.6)
112000 10(0.18~0.39) Per request Non meshed free size
122000 10(0.4~0.6)
102002 10(0.25~0.59) 1X2 1ea/pk
102004 1X4
102008 2X2
202002 20(0.6~0.99) 1X2 1ea/pk
202004 1X4
202008 2X4
202014 2X7
202020 4X5
202021 3X7
202032 4X8
202040 5X8
202048 1X12
302001 30(1.0~1.79) 1X1(1) 1ea/pk
302005 1X1(5) 5ea/pk
302010 1X1(10) 10ea/pk
302002 30(1.0~1.39) 1X2 1ea/pk
302004 1X4
302008 2X4
302014 2X7
302020 4X5
302021 3X7
302032 4X8
302040 5X8
302036 3X12
302048 4X12
302050 5X10
302064 4X16
402002 40(1.4~1.79) 1X2 1ea/pk
402004 1X4
402008 2X4
402014 2X7
402020 4X5
402021 3X7
402028 4X7
402032 4X8
402040 5X8
402036 3X12
402048 4X12
402050 5X10
402064 4X16
502001 50(1.8 over) 1X1(1) 1ea/pk
502005 1X1(5)
502010 1X1(10)
502002 1X2
502004 1X4
502008 2X4
502014 2X7
502020 4X5
502021 3X7
502028 4X7
502032 4X8
502040 5X8
502036 3X12
502048 4X12