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Silicone Polymer

Facical Implant

Facical Implant
  • Product Introduction
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Product Introduction

The Facial Silicone Implant developed by Hans Biomed Corp. has various hardness, texture and color (white and smog). It is an excellent product that has been approved by the KFDA and the U.S. FDA.  It is the only product made by Korea as an official Facial Silicone Implant product by the SFDA of China.

Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics
Processing Method Hardness

- Molding : Machine compression

- Carbing : Manual processing

- Hard : 35 hb

- Midium : 25 hb

- Soft : 15 hb

Product Characteristics
Color Shape

- Smog

- White

- Fresh

- Nasal linear or combi types)

- Forehead

- Temple

- Chin (standard or extended types)

- Malar (standard or anatomical types)

- Nostril

All raw materials used in HANS Facial Silicone are transplantable grade silicone for unlimited implantation in the human body for more than 30 days.
              The raw materials used in HANS Facial silicone implants are registered in the FDA (registered in the FDA Master File).
              Conform to all items of the ISO13485 “Biological Evaluation of medical devices”: (biocompatibility).
              Manufactured in accordance to the GMP guidelines (CFR21 part820)